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Devotion: Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mighty Deeds and Empty Words

Again, that world-shaking event, the crucifixion of Christ, is stated in four words, "There they crucified him." One shudders to think what fanfare and buildup such a stupendous event would require if written by the shallow novelists or dramatists of our day. To represent such a solemn event on the stage would cost thousands of dollars and would require enough words to fill a dozen pages of script. The reason for the difference is of course that the evangelists felt the crucifixion and instinctively spoke of it in few words.

To follow this thought further, it is only necessary to note the simple brevity of the announcement of our Lord's resurrection. The "young man" told the inquiring disciples the story in three words: "He is risen." These needed no eloquent preface to such a wondrous announcement. Where there have been mighty deeds, there need be no multitude of words to tell of them. Many words are required only where the deeds have been too feeble to speak for themselves.

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